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Join Us in Boston at ARCHIBUS Nexus 2018

Meet industry leaders from around the world, and discover in-person the innovations shaping the future of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management.

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Main Stage

The Boston Consulting Group


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Putrajaya Holdings, Malaysia


IFMA Fellow

Concurrent Sessions

In addition to the above sessions, attendees can choose from over 50 business and technical concurrent sessions. Sit in on eye-opening presentations from institutions who are on the forefront of the industry and technology.

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Learning Activities

Product Café

Talk to experts to learn about ARCHIBUS applications

Talk to the Techs

Trouble shoot problems in person with ARCHIBUS support staff

SME Meeting Point

Dive into technologies and details with subject matter experts

Solution Build

Simulate an implementation in a team exercise

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence (CoE) are User Groups that target specific sectors, so you can exchange ideas with peers in your industry. Expect to find presentations, panel discussions, Q&A and more.



Real Estate

Public Sector

Find Your Events

Events are grouped into 3 color coded categories, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.


April 6 to 7
Connect meetings are exclusively for business partners, and will happen the weekend before Nexus. Partners from around the world will meet with ARCHIBUS to discuss best practices, benchmarks, standards, methodologies, market intelligence, and how to do everything better.

ARCHIBUS Conference

Most events fall under the Conference category, including meetings, panels and presentations with users and partners. Share experiences, discover innovative solutions, and learn best practices.

ARCHIBUS University

Events under the University category offer technical learning to users and partners, including training sessions, learning activities and one-to-one face time with experts.