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"We do know that our customers love the fact that they can go on the Web to submit work requests. Our guys like the fact that instead of fifty clicks they can do three or four clicks to get a work order into the system. And end users can also monitor the status of work requests online and see a project’s status plus the notes on the project. Before ARCHIBUS, they would have had to make that phone call to us."
Ray Dinello
Facilities Systems Manager
University of North Carolina - Charlotte

ARCHIBUS V.21.2 Empowers Employees, Enriches Data Value, and Enhances Your Operational Efficiency

New ARCHIBUS V.21.2 deliver greater performances, higher ROI, sophisticated yet easy-to-use data analysis tools for improved decision-support, and broader accessibility to users – both on-site and in the field – with an expanded set of Mobile Framework Apps. The result is a powerful business tool that:

Delivers The Power to Succeed: ARCHIBUS V.21.2 contains more powerful, easier-to-use features such as the Performance Metrics Framework with which you can measure the pulse of your facility, portfolio, environmental processes and more. Alerts notify you of any items you need immediately. Drill-downs, even from mobile apps, provide detail you need to resolve your most pressing problems.

Portfolio Manager Screenshot

Puts the "You" in Ubiquity with Mobile Apps: The ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework's suite of new and enhanced Mobile Apps will keep you more productive - and responsive - wherever you are. ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework delivers the Apps to a wide variety of browsers and devices using HTML5 technology. The rapidly expanding suite of mobile Apps now includes:

Mobile Phones

  • Workplace Services Portal: Facilitates the central exchange and processing of requests for a variety of workplace services including reserving rooms and hoteling spaces, as well as locating people or offices and other facilities.
  • Space & Occupancy Survey: Enables updating of time-based space allocation information including updates to employee location and room information.
  • Assessment: Streamlines staff and contractor condition assessment, commissioning, and sustainability evaluations in the field.
  • Incidents Reporting: Supports reporting of environmental, health and safety (EH&S) incidents and details.
  • Space Book: Provides all facilities staff with quick and easy access to key building data and drawings on their mobile devices and also enables them to conduct paperless space surveys that are initiated in the field.
  • Maintenance: Accelerates the process of updating and completing work while in the field, supporting the in-time completion of work, and helping to ensure the quality and accuracy of that information.
  • Asset & Equipment Survey: Collects consistent data from the field on equipment assets.
  • Mobile Executive Reports: Deliver immediate data access for executives who need metrics, alerts, and summary reports in the field.

Is Easier to Use Than Ever Before: V.21.2 reduces even complex tasks -- such as workflows --down to a single, intuitive screen. Plus, the ARCHIBUS Quick Start Methodology for space and building operations also includes videos, tutorials, and how-to instructions that prepare you and your team to be productive in just a day.

New and Enhanced Web Central Applications and Extensions

Our standard Web Central applications and extensions are even more indispensable with new capabilities and conveniences that will increase your productivity, financial management precision, and customer service, in:

  • Capital Budgeting - Featuring a new Historical Project Analyzer, and Project Budget vs. Spend Analyzer.
  • Project Management - Offering a Project Quality Control Dashboard, Commitment Progress Status reports, Work-in-Place Projections, and more
  • Space Planning & Management - Supporting Workspace Transaction, Allocation, and Benchmarks
  • Building Operations - Providing a Service Level Agreement Wizard among other improvements
  • Reservations Extension for Microsoft Exchange - Providing integration between Microsoft Exchange and the ARCHIBUS Reservations application...and much more.

That just begins to describe the many new advantages of ARCHIBUS V.21.2. For more details on all the capabilities incorporated into V.21.2 that will have users as excited as we are, contact your ARCHIBUS Business Partner or contact ARCHIBUS directly at